Giving you beautiful lashes without the fuss!

Here at Sophie’s Lashes UK, we want to give everyone the opportunity to have the beautiful lashes that they want without damaging their natural ones


The issue with traditional false lashes is that over time it can damage the natural ones that you already have. They can be fiddly to put on. Plus, the build up of glue means that they can be difficult to use more than once. We have developed a system with your needs at the centre of all our products. No more glue or pulling out any lashes you have when trying to remove them. Plus, you can use them up to 25+ times per set, making them more sustainable and much better value.


Need a subtle look for work or an important business meeting. Put one of our shorter styles on for the day. Going straight out to party after? No problem! just swap the set you put on in the morning with one of our longer and fuller styles for that dramatic night-time look. You don’t even need to re-do your make-up. Check out our styles now.

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