• Our Premium Magnetic Lashes and Liners have NO latex, NO parabens and 100% vegan and NOT tested on animals
  • The eyeliner works like a paint-on magnet, while the lashes have 5 tiny magnets along the strip which stick to the liner
  • You can use these lashes around 25 times. No glue clump on the lash band means greater reliability and easier to clean
  • You can wear them all day and they will stay in place comfortably. The thinner magnets and lash band give a more seamless finish to the lash and feel super lightweight
  • Easy to trim in case you want a smaller fit
  • Magnetic Lashes are way easier to apply than glue-on lashes
  • Magnetic Lashes wont ruin your real lashes and are considered safe as they don’t cling to your natural lashes since these type of lashes are supported by your eye lid not natural lashes
  • Just draw your liner on, let it dry, then stick on your Magnetic Lashes using the applicator tool.
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